Native Dance contains over 300,000 words of culturally authenticated original research from primary sources as broken down as follows:

  • over 130,000 words of original expository English language text
  • over 70,000 words of original expository French language text
  • over 10,000 words of original expository texts in Indigenous languages
  • Over 43,000 words of English language educational material and over 48,000 words of French language educational material, in the form of downloadable resource kits, and contextual information, which include curriculum fitness notes, classroom materials and exercises, teachers’ notes, and marking rubrics. Native Dance educational materials are free to download and use in educational settings.

Additionally, Native Dance currently contains database records of culturally authenticated original multimedia content from primary sources broken down as follows

  • over 1000 images of Canadian Indigenous powwows, dances, drums, rattles, instruments, clothing, and other cultural items.
  • over 60 excerpts of Indigenous music.
  • over 100 video clips of powwows, singing and dancing performances, interviews with contemporary singers, drummers, and elders speaking to artistic, cultural, and spiritual themes.
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Indigenous Dance